About Us

  • Rich Bell

    Printer / Designer

    With over 6 years experience working on a wide range of projects both commercial work through my role as Senior Graphic Designer at Benoy to collaborative projects such as Break Your Socks and Bliminal magazine. With a hunger to push our selves with all creative projects I’m excited to launch Print Shop Nineteen. UTB!
  • Luke Bell

    Printer / Designer

    For the past 2 years I have worked as a Digital Media Coordinator in a corporate capacity; responsible for all aspects of graphic design, branding, print production and website design. Now is the time to hark back to a time of celebrating individual design, done purely for pleasure. It is time to beat a hasty retreat to the world of creative and so I welcome you to Print Shop Nineteen!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Because each print run has unique factors to consider, we quote each job individually and therefore do not have a set price list. For a free quotation of your print job please email us at info@printshop19.co.uk.

Can my image be screen printed?

Screen printing is probably not the best process to use when printing detailed multicoloured photos. Bold, solid vector based graphics work best, but please ask if you are unsure.

What materials can you print on?

Pretty much everything – T-shirts, hoodies, paper, wood, card, plastic or vinyl. Pores, rippled surfaces are hard to print. Essentially the smoother the surface the better the print. You are essentially laying ink across the surface of what ever it is your printing. If you’re not sure, please ask.

Do you have a minimum print run?

No, we don’t; but bigger print jobs mean lower cost for individual prints. Please ask for details.

How will I need to prepare my artwork for screen printing?

All artwork needs to be sent at 300dpi and to the size you require it printing at. Ideally the format of the artwork should be a PDF or a high-res JPEG. Because screen printing uses single colour inks, designs must be made up of solid one colour elements. For prints with multiple colours artwork will need to be separated into individual elements, this tutorial will help – (http://www.computerarts.co.uk/tutorials/video-tutorial-separate-colours-screenprinting) If your artwork is not print ready this can add time and could potentially delay getting the finished goods to you, so please ask if you are unsure and we’d be happy to help.

How big can you print?

We usually print A3 artwork, which works well with t-shirt designs and posters, but we can go larger. If you require something larger then please email us and we can take it from there.

How many screens will be needed for my print?

Each colour in your design will require a separate screen. There are additional costs for screen set up so please ask for details.

What colours can you print?

Colours are based on the Pantone Colour System, which is used to reference colours all across the creative industry.

How long does printing take?

Print Shop 19 is a small independent  business so printing can take up to 2-3 weeks but this depends on a few factors, for example – artwork, stock, deposits etc. In most cases the turnaround will be much quicker than this and we will let you know roughly how long a job will take when quoting a price for your project.

Do you hold onto the screens?

The Print Shop Studio isn’t huge. If your definitely going to re-print with in a month we’ll hold onto your screen. Best thing to do is let us know what you plan to do as soon as you can. Recycling screens is an important part of our studio as it helps keep cost down so if you call and want a re-print, as long as it’s the original artwork we can re-coat the screen and won’t charge. New Art = New Screen set up fee.

Can you supply T-shirts and paper?

Yes we can, we use different suppliers for different jobs.

What if I want to supply my own T-shirts or paper?

You’re more than welcome to supply your own T-shirts and paper. If you do, please note that you’ll have to include 10% extra stock than you need. In screen printing it’s not uncommon to have miss prints and this is what the 10% is for. In 99% of print jobs we don’t need the extra stock so we’ll either print it for free or give it back you. We do charge a handling fee which will be included in the quoted price.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We use Royal Mail. Delivery costs will be added to your final invoice. You can, however, collect your prints from our studio or arrange your own courier if you would prefer.